Association of Dealers & Collectors of Ancient & Ethnographic Art

To advance the responsible and legal trading of ancient and ethnographic art

Code of Conduct

All ADCAEA members subscribe to and maintain the following code of conduct:

  1. ADCAEA members (hereafter “Members”) shall strive to attain the highest possible standards in all aspects of collecting cultural property, including, but not limited to, fully complying with national and international cultural property laws, conservation, documentation, research, and education pertaining to the object(s) within their possession.

  2. All members must be governed by an informed respect for the objects, its unique character and significance, and the people or person who created it.

  3. All members undertake not to purchase, sell or exhibit an object until they have exercised, to the best of their ability, due diligence to ensure such object was not knowingly stolen from

    archaeological sites, excavations, architectural or religious monuments, public institutions or private property.

  4. All members undertake to keep electronic and photographic records of each object in their possession that accurately describes, but is not limited to, all known provenance, dimensions, medium, known defects/conservation/restoration and any other relevant information pertaining to an object.  These records will be passed, in their entirety, together with a written invoice, to a buyer or donation institution.  A Member’s invoice is a warranty that the object is authentic and that clear and unencumbered title is passed to the buyer.

  5. All members will inform the Board about stolen objects and thefts and will cooperate with national and international law enforcement authorities in their efforts to identify, locate and recover stolen objects.

  6. While recognizing the right of society to make appropriate and respectful use of cultural property, all members shall serve as an advocate for the preservation of cultural property.

  7. All members will not dismember and sell separately parts of one complete object, and will undertake, to the best of their ability, to keep objects together that were originally together.

  8. All members shall act with honesty and respect in all professional relationships, seek to ensure the rights and opportunities of all individuals in the association, and recognize the specialized knowledge of others.

  9. All members shall contribute to the knowledge of cultural property. This contribution may be made by such means as continuing development of personal knowledge, sharing of information and experience with colleagues, adding to the Association’s written body of knowledge, and providing and promoting educational opportunities.

  10. All members shall promote awareness and understanding of collecting principals through open communication with allied collectors and the public.

  11. Claims that a Member has acted in violation of these guidelines should be made in writing to ADCAEA, which will investigate all such claims and, where appropriate, hold hearings under such rules, as have been adopted by the Board of Directors. Violation of any provision of this Code may be grounds for censure, suspension or expulsion from ADCAEA.

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